Personal and Home Hygiene for a Healthy Life

To prevent the spread of disease and stay healthy, in addition to establishing good diet and exercise habits for strengthening your immunity, maintaining personal and home hygiene is equally important. MUJI offers a wide range of daily goods including cleaning tools, home fabrics, storage items, air purifying goods, accessories and personal care items, helping you to live a healthy life.

Cleaning Tools

Using appropriate cleaning tools to keep your home clean can help minimise the spread of germs. MUJI has created the easy-to-use cleaning system to make light of your housework. Our cleaning tools are easy to use. Simply combine a lightweight pole with different attachments such as mop, broom, brush or sponge, and you can clean different areas of your home easily. Use refills to replace the worn attachments so that you can keep using the same pole for reducing waste in the long run. Spot cleaning tools are ideal for cleaning narrow spaces such as stove and drain.

Bathroom Cleaning ToolsClean and wipe away extra moisture on window glass or mirrors with our glass cleaner. Use sponge and tile brush to clean your bathroom with ease.
Door Entrance and Balcony Cleaning ToolsThe deck brush has a fixed joint, which makes cleaning easier. Keep your outdoor area clean with our broom and dustpan.
Living Room and Bedroom Cleaning Tools The Microfiber Cloth can be used wet or dry, or can be attached to the Cleaning System Floor Mop for removing dust easily. Other tools such as floor mop and carpet cleaner are also available to maintain the cleanliness of your home.
Spot Cleaning ToolsAvailable in four different brush heads, Spot Cleaning Series can help clean narrow spaces which are not easy to reach. They can be hung on kitchen wall for removing dirt and dust from cracks and crevice.
PP Dust BinThis dust bin has an appropriate size so that it can fit into narrow space easily. Always keep your dust bin closed by using a lid to reduce the spread of germs. Lids are available for sale separately.

Home Fabrics and Laundry Items

The sweat and grease released from the body during sleeping make it easy for bacteria to grow. Choosing bed linens that are easy to clean and wash is vital to keep your sleeping environment comfortable and hygienic. Since the towels we use every day contact with our skin closely and are always kept wet, they become breeding ground for bacteria easily. To prevent this, wash your towels frequently, hang them outside to dry in the sun, and don’t share towels with family members. Stepping into rainy spring, use indoor laundry item together with dehumidifier to make it easier to dry your washed clothes and home fabrics.

Washable Lightweight MattressThe core is made of polyethylene with a well-structured mesh design, while the cover is made of cotton. The cover of the mattress can be washed by washing machine, while the main body can be divided into 3 pieces and washed by shower. Keep the mattress clean and hygienic with ease.
Antibacterial Polyester Bed PadThe daily care of antimicrobial fibre mattress is easy since it can be washed in a washing machine by simply using a laundry net. Using a bed pad over a mattress can help prevent the sweat and grease released from our body from penetrating the mattress directly for enhancing the durability of the mattress. With the elastic corner straps, the bed pad can be securely fit to your mattress.
Organic Cotton Seersucker Bed LinenMade of 100% organic cotton, the uneven fabric surface reduces contact with skin for increased breathability and dryness, making seersucker bed linen an ideal option for spring and summer. To keep sleeping environment clean and hygienic, it is recommended to wash bed linens once a week.
Organic Cotton Blended TowelMade of long-fiber cotton, delicately woven to retain softness even after repeated washings. Thin towels are lightweight and quick-drying, making daily cleaning and replacement easier.
Indian Cotton Pile Bath MatIn addition to removing dust and dirt by a vacuum cleaner or sticky paper, the bath mat can be washed in a washing machine by using a laundry net for easy daily cleaning. Place a nonslip mat under the bath mat to help secure its position and prevent shifting and skidding.
Steel Indoor Clothes AirerUse Steel Indoor Clothes Airer to dry your washed clothes or towels indoor in spring and summer when rainy days come. It is foldable so that it will not take up much storage space when not in use.

Storage Items

By classifying and storing your possessions according to usage, shape and frequency of use, you can build your own storage system that brings convenience and helps organise your space for easier daily cleaning. PP and PE storage items are waterproof, oil-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for use in bathroom or kitchen to keep sanitising items or cleaning tools.

PP StorageA wide variety of sizes and styles are available for you to flexibly combine different units together based on your storage needs. The transparent PP material allows users to identify what’s inside the storage case easily and take out what’s needed quickly. By adding a lid or castors, the storage case becomes stackable or movable. Use together with inner tray for storage small items such as first aid items, home-repair tools and cleaning tools to fully utilise the available space inside the storage box.
Soft Polyethylene StorageMade from soft polyethylene material which is waterproof and cold-resistant, the storage case can support a wide range of applications and it is easy to clean. For example, it can be used in refrigerator for storing food to keep your refrigerator clean and tidy. In addition, due to its soft texture, it is also suitable for use in children’s room to store toys. By using with a lid, the case become stackable for saving storage space. Available in rectangular and round shapes.

Air Purifying Items

Improving indoor air quality and maintaining air circulation can help maintain health. The use of air purifier can help remove suspended particles, allergens and odour in the room, and purify air. Use together with Low Noise Circulator Fan to improve indoor air circulation, and bring clean air to every corner of your room, freshening up your living environment. Enjoy the natural aroma dispersed from essential oils extracted from plants and fruits such as tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint at home according to your needs.

Air PurifierThe air purifier moves air through the room and removes suspended particles completely by using the "Dual Counter Fan and "360° Dust Collecting and Deodorising Filter". “Auto Mode” uses dust and odour sensors to manage the air automatically, while “Jet Mode” cleans the air rapidly.
Circulator Fan - Low NoiseWith specially designed blades, the circulator fan can generate large amount of airflow while avoiding air friction which produces noise. It balances the room temperature and enhances the overall air circulation in a sultry atmosphere by keeping airflow in motion throughout the room. Ideal to use with air conditioner, heater or air purifier for enhancing energy efficiency.
Interior Fragrance OilAvailable in different scents such as herbal, citrus and floral. Simply pour the fragrance oil into a porcelain container and insert rattan sticks into it, and let the natural and fresh fragrance to fill up your space.
Essential OilEnjoy the natural aroma from essential oils extracted from plants and fruits at any time by using aroma diffuser for relaxation and stress relief. Stepping into spring, essential oils with translucent and fresh scent such as tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint are especially suitable for living room and washroom.


By using functional and portable pouch, you can keep your small items such as masks, disinfection spray and wet tissues neatly at all times. MUJI offers a wide range of pouch in different sizes and materials to meet your storage needs.

Paraglider Cloth Downstring BagMade of lightweight paraglider cloth, the downstring bag can be used for storing small items such as wet tissues, disinfection sprays or jacket. It can be folded into a small size when not in use for easy carrying around.
Polyester Double Fastener CaseCan be used as a subdivided bag or a makeup bag for storing small items properly. The style with shoulder strap can be used as a pouch which is suitable for storing mobile phone or a few personal belongings when going out for a short time.
Polyester 3D Air Mesh Gusset CaseThe 3D design allows it to be kept in shape when used in a backpack. What’s stored inside can be easily recognized because of the mesh fabric surface. For daily care, simply put it into a laundry net and wash it in washing machine.
TPU PouchA translucent case which you can easily recognize what’s stored inside. Made of easy-to-clean TPU material, the pouch is self-standing so that it can be used around wash basin at washroom conveniently.
Subdivided Zip BagsStorage bags with zippers for keeping and organising small items. Blank space is available on the storage bag for users to jot down memo about the contents.

Personal Care Items

To help prevent infections, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth since dirty hands allows germs that cause respiratory infections to enter the body easily. Dry your hands after washing your hands, and use a mild hand cream to moisturise your hands and reduce dryness. Use different bathing accessories to clean your body thoroughly to maintain personal hygiene.

Hand SoapWith fresh pomelo orange aroma, it is made from plant-based soap and added with moisturising ingredients Lipidure? (cell membrane lipid-51) and purslane extract. Free of fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, paraben and alcohol.
Sensitive Skin Hand CreamMade from natural moisturising ingredients to keep hands hydrated. Free of fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, paraben and alcohol. Slightly acidic.
Refill for Body SoapThe 3 types of body soap, including Clear Care, Anti-aging Care and Sensitive Care are made from natural botanical extracts and moisturising ingredients for keeping your skin clean and hydrated.
PP Shower BrushThe easy-grip groove, nylon bristles and long handle makes it ideal for exfoliating and cleaning different parts of your body.
2-way SpongeThe sponge has two sides. One side can generate thick and long-lasting foam which helps remove dirt completely, while another side brings soft and comfortable touch to skin.