Daily Goods

Last Update: 12 Nov 2019

MUJI examines products through material selection, process streamlining and packaging simplification, designing products from users’ point of view and detailed observation from daily life. Over the years, MUJI has developed more than 7,000 items ranging from clothing, household goods to food, bringing comfort and convenience to people.

Through regular sharing of insights on daily goods across apparel, household, personal care items and food, we hope to bring you closer to our products that are designed for the daily life.

Daily Wear

With an eye for comfort and functionality, MUJI's basic wear items are mainly made of natural materials such as organic cotton, with simple design and different knitting methods. Ranging from accessories, homewear, to innerwear, select suitable item that fits your daily needs and enjoy the comfort it brings to you.

Men’s / Ladies’ Heat Generating Cotton Innerwear

Made of natural organic cotton with natural moisture absorption and heat generation capability for enhanced warmth. It also retains moisture on your skin for a soft touch and avoids static. Available in tank top, short sleeves, 4/5 sleeves and long sleeves for coping with weather changes. Collar designs in crew neck, V neck and high neck (ladies’ only) for your choice.

Ladies’ Fleece Lined Homewear

With an organic cotton surface, the inner layer made of fleece material can hold warm air and wrap your body comfortably. The loose fit silhouette is desirable for wearing daily at home, while the outer is an essential item for keeping your body warm when weather turns cool. Skirts and tapered pants made of same material are also available for your selection.

Cashmere Stole

Made of 100% cashmere wool for warmth and comfortable soft touch. Available in seasonal colours and check patterns with varied sizes such as regular stole and large cape for easy coordination and versatile winter look.

Daily Household Goods

MUJI offers storage units of various materials designed in standard modular sizes. Use these pieces alone or in combination to organise your things and efficiently use the space you have for an organised living environment, and experience a simple, pleasant life.

As winter approaches, wrap your feet with a pair of soft cotton slippers, for a comfort as if walking on rugs.

Polyester Cotton Linen Storage

Polyester cotton linen comes with a coating to enhance durability and make it easy to clean. Available in more than 10 sizes such as rectangle, square and lid attached styles. It can be placed inside the wardrobe or under the bed to store clothes or bed linen, keeping your bedroom tidy. It is packable when not in use. Labels can be attached to the handles, allowing easy recognition of items.

Organic Cotton Jersey Knitted Soft Slippers

Made of cotton jersey materials commonly used for T-shirts for a soft touch. Bendable for easy storage, these slippers are also machine-washable with a laundry net. Also available in a cushioned design for shock absorbency, wrapping your feet comfortably with an arch support.

PP File Box - Wide Type

Made of PP material, it is light and durable. Available in various height and width, you can use different units in combination flexibly based on storage needs. Each PP File Box has a round hole on it. You can pull the file box by putting your finger in the hole, which allows you to retrieve it easily even if it is placed above your eye level. Available in 2 colours, including semi-transparent style that allows you to recognize what’s inside easily, and white gray style that helps maintain privacy of storage. Use together with lids and wheels for moving multiple file boxes at ease.

Daily Personal Care

A daily skincare routine can help you maintain overall skin health. MUJI Booster Essence Lotion uses water that comes from caves deep in the mountains of Japan in combination with natural botanical extracts, hydrating and relieving your skin as the first step of everyday skincare.

Booster Essence Lotion

Free of fragrance, mineral oil, coloration, Paraben and alcohol, it helps maintain a healthy skin condition. Use it after cleansing and before applying moisturiser for better absorption of moisturising components to corneum. Based on skin type and weather condition, use it with MUJI Face Care series including Sensitive Skin, Clear Care, Anti-aging and Herbal Care, and Cut Cotton for moisturising your skin everyday

Available in the portable 50ml, regular 200ml and large 400ml sizes to cater different daily needs.

Daily Meal

As weather turns cool, instant soup is a good light meal choice for breakfast or afternoon break time, recharging energy for your day.

Instant Soup

Our Instant Soup Series can be served simply by adding hot water. Available in more than 10 different flavours, these soups are not added with any artificial flavourings and additives so that you can enjoy the original taste of ingredients.

 Selected Daily Goods Offers

From now till 2nd February 2020, customers are entitled to discount offers on the following selected “MUJI Daily Goods”.

(All item information, selling prices and availability are subject to in-store display. Offers available while stock lasts.)

 Men’s / Ladies’ Heat Generating Cotton Innerwear
Original Price: HK$90
Special Price: HK$128 / 2pcs
 Ladies' Fleece Lined Homewear
Original Price: HK$195
Special Price: HK$158
 Cashmere Stole
Original Price: HK$480
Special Price: HK$328
 Organic Cotton Jersey Knitted Soft Slippers
Original Price: HK$65
Special Price: HK$48
 Cotton Linen Polyester Soft Box Half M with Lid
Original Price: HK$120
Special Price: HK$78
 PP Stand File Box - Wide
Original Price: HK$78
Special Price: HK$58
 Booster (400ml)
Original Price: HK$180
Special Price: HK$138
 Instant Soup 4 pcs
Original Price: HK$35
Special Price: HK$58 / 2pcs