Embroidery Service

Get your favourite embroidery on MUJI fabric item, making it an unique and personalised item for yourself, or as an gift item for your beloved.

Service Features

Applicable to a range of fabric items

Including designated MUJI fabric items such as top, handkerchiefs, bags, sneakers, towels and home fabrics.

A wide variety of embroidery designs

Select from over 300 designs, including animals, nature, seasonal and exclusive ones.

Decide your own placement

Take shirt as an example, you can choose to place the embroidery design on the collar, cuff or pocket based on your own preference.

Embroidery Designs

HK$30 / HK$40 / HK$60 each

How to Order

1.Purchase designated MUJI fabric items from MUJI Hong Kong stores that offers embroidery service, including top, handkerchiefs, bags, sneakers, towels and home fabrics. Please contact our staff for items that are applicable to embroidery service.

2. Select up to 5 embroidery designs for each purchased item and decide the placement.

3. Confirm the order with our staff. Collect the order?upon presenting Embroidery Pickup Note within 14 days from the pickup date.

Hong Kong Limited Edition
“MY HONG KONG by macaroni” Embroidery Collection

Kumiko Suzuki, an embroidery artist from Tokyo, worked as an editor for a local publishing house. She visited Hong Kong many years ago and was attracted by its unique culture. Later on, she decided to quit her stable job and focus on hand embroidery, using the pseudonym "macaroni" (the iconic Hong Kong style breakfast) to record her beloved Hong Kong.

This collection includes ten local delicacies and transportations in Hong Kong, using threads to create designs that embody the essential cultural elements of local daily life.

“Hong Kong & Me” – words from macaroni

I have used the name “macaroni” ever since I started working as an embroidery artist. Among all the reasons for choosing this name, the major one would be its vivid representation of a typical Hong Kong-style breakfast menu.

It was around 20 years ago when I first visited Hong Kong. I saw office workers in formal suits walking pass modern high-rises, while old butchers in just a pair of short pants cutting up meat at the wet market nearby; modern MTR trains rapidly carrying countless passengers, while ferries with repeatedly repainted faces crossing the harbour in a steady and slow pace; high-end Chinese restaurants serving traditional Cantonese menu with beautifully painted ceramics, while local canteens serving Hong Kong-style menu with colourful melamine plates. I also saw English street names and signs everywhere, while old ladies in bob cut wearing Chinese costumes walking underneath. All these unbelievably amazing contrasts made me fall in love with Hong Kong immediately.

Back to office as an editor, everything about Hong Kong was still so unforgettable. Therefore, I started to spend my leisure time on hand embroidery, hoping to record daily scenes of Hong Kong through stitches on cloth. Themes related to this city, from old buildings, markets, transportations, signages, tearooms to Chinese restaurants, are all creative inspirations for me – although some are fading out gradually. Hong Kong is like my comfort zone since it had accompanied me when I lost my loved one and faced uncertainty about my relationship and future. Whenever I travelled to Hong Kong, it became my precious time since it gave me lots of energy and support. Expressing the characteristics of Hong Kong in my embroidery and sharing the unique culture of Hong Kong with more and more people around the world pave the way for me to give back to the city. Hong Kong is facing different challenges. I hope my embroidery works can call for more attention to this lovely city.

In my daily life as a creator, I always think about Hong Kong, and I hope that Hong Kong can still be the Hong Kong that I am familiar with.

Kumiko Suzuki (macaroni) June 2020

Terms and Conditions for MUJI Embroidery Service

  1. The Embroidery Service (“Service”) is applicable to the designated MUJI fabric items that are purchased from the same store of MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“MUJI HK”) on the same day when the order of this Service is made.
  2. This Service is applicable to the designated fabrics items of MUJI HK only. Customer is recommended to consult our staff before placing order. MUJI HK reserves the right to reject any customer order if the purchased fabric item by Customer is found not suitable for this Service.
  3. Customer can place order by selecting from the available embroidery designs on the catalogue provided at the designated MUJI store and confirm the order with our staff of the Embroidery Service Counter. The number of embroidery designs that can be embroidered on each purchased item is limited. All colours and sizes showing on the catalogue are for reference only. Custom-made embroidery designs are not available.
  4. The order shall only be deemed confirmed when MUJI HK issues an Embroidery Pickup Note to Customer after the order has been confirmed by our staff and the service fee has been settled by Customer. Failure to complete the above ordering procedure on the same day will be treated as order cancellation by Customer.
  5. Order cannot be changed or cancelled once confirmed by MUJI HK, and service fee will not be refunded.
  6. All ordered items shall be non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  7. An estimated pickup date and the MUJI store for pickup will be stated on the Embroidery Pickup Note. Customer will be notified if there is any change in pickup date. Customer shall collect the order at the MUJI Store where the order is placed by presenting the original copy of Embroidery Pickup Note within 14 days from the pickup date. Photocopy or electronic copy will not be accepted. MUJI HK reserves the right to decline the pickup request if original copy of Embroidery Pickup Note is not provided.
  8. The Embroidery Pickup Note will not be reissued if lost or damaged.
  9. Order not collected within the said period will be deemed forfeited by Customer, and no refund will be provided. The uncollected ordered items will be handled at MUJI HK’s sole discretion without liability.
  10. Customer shall verify the ordered items upon pickup and notify our staff immediately in case of any defect or damage. While we endeavour to ensure the accuracy of embroidery, we cannot guarantee that each design can be embroidered with complete accuracy in colour and placement.
  11. No reselling of any ordered items under this Service is allowed. All ordered items shall not be used for any commercial or promotional purposes without the prior written approval of MUJI HK.
  12. Personal information collected under this Service will be used for processing and following up orders and for other directly related purposes according to our privacy policy. For details, please visit MUJI Hong Kong’s website.
  13. MUJI HK reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  14. In case of any disputes, the decision of MUJI HK shall be final.
  15. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions, English version shall prevail.
  16. For any enquiry, please contact our staff or call our Customer Service at 2694 9309.

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