Embraced by Warm Air – Lightweight Down

Experience the fluffiness and comfort of MUJI Lightweight Down as if you are embraced by warm air.
Its outer fabric is made from high-density nylon material for additional warmth and durability.
The pocketable design allows you to carry it around conveniently.

With 750 Fill Power

Fill power is a unit to measure the fluffiness of down. The higher the value, the better the insulation capability and the warmer the down is. MUJI uses Australian down with a fill power of 750, combining lightness and warmth together for daily comfort.

What is fill power?

A fill power of 750 means that 30g of down can be expanded into a volume of 750 cubic inches. The higher the fill power, the more air the down can retain, resulting in higher insulation capability.

Pocketable Design

Can be folded and stored inside its own inner pocket that fit into a sacoche or other small bags for carrying around with ease. Good fluffiness helps the down jacket to quickly return to its original volume after unfolding.

Selecting Raw Materials with Consideration on Natural Environment

At MUJI, when we select raw materials, not only do we consider the functionality of each material, but we also consider the relationship between the nature, producers and users.