Warmth from nature

Warmth from

A blend of Yak and Merino wool results in increased softness and smoothness.
Yaks have long lived on the Tibetan plateau,
at low temperatures and at an altitude above 3,000m.
Not only the finest yak fibre,
we also collect the thicker ones after combing process to make full use of these precious natural resources.

Warmth from natureYak Wool

Blending yak hair and wool creates a material that is softer and smoother.

Made from delicate hair

Yak hair protects the animal's body from the extreme cold of the plateaus which can reach temperatures of negative 20℃, and serves as an excellent apparel material that can keep the body warm while remaining stretchy.

Putting yak hair into full use

The thin and delicate hair of yaks is used to produce high gauge knitwear. Slightly thicker hair that is separated by combing is used for middle gauge knitwear.

These products make the most from the gifts of nature without wastage by using appropriate knitting methods based on the thickness of different yak hair.

  • Made from fine hair

    Soft and smooth high gauge knitwear

  • Made from slightly thicker hair

    Middle gauge knitwear with a fluffy surface

Using natural colours as they are

Among all colours available, dark mocha brown items are made directly using the original colour of natural yak hair. Items in other colours are made through dyeing process, while retaining most of its underlying original colour.

This allows features of natural materials to be shown in their original form, and echoes to the core principles of MUJI's product development.

A smooth finish

A blend of delicate downy hair of yaks with shiny merino wool of similar fiber thickness brings a smooth texture.

Feel the enhanced comfort of wearing knitwear with a soft touch.

Women's Yak Wool Knitwear

In addition to dark mocha brown which retains the natural colour of yak hair, soft tone colours are also available. With high gauge knitwear and middle gauge knitwear that allows you to fit into different ocassions, you can enjoy your daily versatile coordination with a wide range of choices.

Men's Yak Wool Knitwear

By dyeing the natural yak hair in a way that makes the most of its underlying original colour, these knitwear items feature an authentic brown colour. The hem and cuffs of the knitwear are subtly shaped for enhanced comfort.