About Oisix

Oisix is an online supermarket from Japan specializing in organic and low-pesticide vegetables. Committed to delivering freshly harvested agricultural products to customers, Oisix has stringent food safety standards to ensure that each customer can consume its products with peace of mind.

In addition to fresh produce, Oisix also offers a variety of popular Japanese foodstuffs and exclusive products. They also launch “Oisix Weekly,” a service that offers weekly foodstuffs from Japan to the doorsteps of Hong Kong customers.

Food Safety Declarations

Oisix’s business philosophy is to offer people-oriented and conscientious food products to customers, selling only foodstuffs that their collaborating farmers, herders, or producers feel comfortable to give to their children.

Here’s Oisix’s “Food Safety Declarations:

  • ? Vegetables are grown with the goal of not using pesticides.
  • ? Meat and eggs come from livestock with clearly listed origins and raising methods. No hormones or antibiotics used.
  • ? Never use synthetic preservatives or food colorings.
  • ? No genetically modified ingredients.
  • ? Food quality is monitored by a third party Audit Committee.
  • ? Every item sold has passed radiation tests before shipment.

Highlighted Products

Seasonal Vegetables

Salad Spinach from Shizuoka
(Direct Farm)

Farmed in Shizuoka Prefecture and cultivated a delicate method. This variety does not have bitterness and can be used to prepare after washed. Also suitable for soup and cold dishes. Baby Mizuna from
(Direct Farm)

Farmed in Saitama Prefecture, gives a crisp and soft texture suitable for a variety of dishes such as salad, hot pot, or miso soup.
Cherry Tomato from Kumamoto
(Direct Farm)

Farmed in Kumamoto Prefecture and planted according to the "Hydroponics Pesticide Reduction" standard of Oisix. This variety is as sweet and juicy as fruit and can be used for salad. After heating, the flavour is concentrated and becomes more delicious.

Oisix Exclusives

Oisix Sesame Seaweed
(48 pcs)

The seaweed is picked in the Ariake Sea, coated with Sesame Oil made by the traditional method, and sprinkled with salt produced in Nagasaki Prefecture by a particular crystallization method. No added chemical seasoning to bring out the natural taste of seaweed.
Oisix Fruits Mixed Aojiru Vegetable Juice

A mixture of 11 kinds of raw vegetables such as Japanese mustard spinach and green vegetables, together with 3 types of fruits. It’s suggested that women intake 2000mg of collagen and 100mg of vitamin C by drinking one can.
Oisix Vegeel Vegetable Mix Juice
(125 ml)

It mainly uses 18 kinds of vegetables, such as tomatoes and carrots. A total of 300g of vegetables is concentrated into 125ml of vegetable juice. Squeeze the vegetables directly to make a grainy taste.
Oisix Carrot & Apple Juice

Composed of 60% carrot and 40% apple and lemon. With the absence of carrots’ astringent taste, people who are not used to vegetable juices can also enjoy. It is refreshing and delicious.

Oisix Weekly

The Oisix Weekly service delivers fresh produce directly from Japan to customers’ doorstep regularly every week with guaranteed quality and freshness. Join now to enjoy waivers of membership and annual subscription fees.

Advantages of Oisix Weekly
  • ? Weekly Box content is updated every week to save time
  • ? Weekly prime selection of fruits and vegetables at one glance
  • ? Mix and match items in Weekly Box at your own preference
  • ? Enjoy exclusive member discounts, such as a special offer of $1 for six premium quality eggs
  • ? Vegetables grown in Japan are delivered after harvest by air, fresher than those sold in any supermarkets Hong Kong