Cooking Smashburgers with Archit | MUJI Community Learning



MUJI Community Learning | @architlost shares some recipes to help us get through the lockdown better.
A hearty meal of champions! These Smashburgers are the epitome of simplicity. Ground red meat of your choice (my country made the choice for me — Lamb), made into 60 gram balls (~2ounces) which are then propped onto a hot skillet and then smashed down to create a beautiful crust that holds all the juices inside the patty while adding texture to an otherwise very mealy treatment of protein. THIS is the only way to make a good burger. So go ahead and make these amazing burgers!


Archit Agarwal:
Archit Agarwal is a part time food blogger from New Delhi, India. He began cooking when was three years old but only took it seriously during college in the United States. You can follow him on his website or Instagram.

MUJI Community Learning:
This series is to highlight the universe of talent that exists around us. Through the lockdown phase, we shall share some of these as an attempt to add value to our time.



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