Welcoming a new range of Skincare Series at MUJI


You can now choose from a wider range of carefully curated range of skincare series from MUJI. The basic ingredient of all skincare is water – and MUJI uses water from the Kamaishi caves in Iwate prefecture of Japan which have rolled over rocks for decades. This makes the pH level of water so smooth that it matches the natural tears of our eyes – meaning they’re as natural as they could get, with very good absorption capabilities.


MUJI Skincare - Clear Care Series

We are happy to announce the introduction of Clear Care series which uses fruit-derived natural moisturisers for a gentle and pleasant feeling. Fruit extracts from grapes, apricots, oranges and kiwis?are most effective for oily skin type, open pores and pimples.This series is also meant to improve the texture of your skin.


Skin Care Series B7- Digital -03

Choose the brightening series to overcome dark spots, pigmentation, freckles and other unnecessary fragments of the skin. Your skin deserves to be at it’s natural best, and this series is meant for just that.


MUJI Skincare - Aging Care Series

The nature provides us with all we ask for, and some of the secrets of healthier & happier skin are too found right there. Ageing care begins the day you decide; there is no ‘start age’ to use ageing care. Sooner you begin, further you delay the signs of ageing.


MUJI Skincare - Sensitive Skin Series

The harsh effects of urban-modern lifestyle are vividly visible on our facial skin. Sometimes, certain skincare products too prove to be harmful. Sensitive skincare series is truly mild – so much so that even small children can safely use these products (use skincare products for kids under adult supervision).


You can visit any MUJI store near you to learn more about the benefits of using different types of skincare series and finding the best option for your skin type, and one that matches your lifestyle. Our in-house skincare experts will help you seamlessly find what’s best for you.


Stay MUJI.