What's the secret
to this Happy


Clean, wherever you want, whenever you need to.

If you place your tools at a location that are easy to access, you can clean dirt off as soon as you noticed it.
With its simple appearance, it fits in anywhere.
Maintain diligent cleaning habits by clearing dirt as soon as you discover it for easier removal before it settles in.

Enjoy cleaning with smart tools that adjust to your needs

A happy and satisfying cleaning experience
comes from having the right tools for the job.
Master a variety of tools designed for specific uses and locations
for a stress-free and efficient cleaning.

Living room and
bedroom cleaning

We offer a range of products to keep
your living space clean.
Select from a carpet cleaner that
can be stored in a free-standing case,
a floor mop, and more.

Wet area cleaning

Cleaning window glass, shower, or washstand?
Select from a series of handy tools such as squeegees,
sponges, and tile brushes - they
are your perfect little helpers
to clean the wet areas around your house.

Entrance and balcony cleaning

For cleaning outdoor areas,
choose from brushes, brooms
and dust pans with fixed joint
that make it easier for hard scrubbing.

Cracks and crevices cleaning

Point brushes are just right for cleaning drains
and reaching into the cracks and crevices
of bottle cap and lids, while spatulas,
sponges are targeted for precise cleaning
and useful for narrow spaces.