• Softer with every wash

    Hemp is said to be one of the more durable natural fibers available. Its fibers become stronger when wet, and it gets a softer and deeper texture the more you wash and use it, allowing you to feel the process of its maturation.

  • Durable and flexible hemp

    This product was carefully grown in a vast natural environment with a large variance of hot and cold between day and night, with the perfect level of humidity. Cold regions make for durable and flexible hemp.

  • Safe for the environment and for producers

    We use organic hemp in a portion of our products. We grow hemp with no chemical fertilizer or pesticides together with our producers.

Ladies' lineup

This blouse is a pullover that gets wider toward the hemlines, making it easy to wear.
These straight pants will give your legs a comfortable silhouette from your thighs down, for a relaxed look.
Both styles are available in a rich variety of colors.

Men's lineup

This stand color shirt has a distinct, linear cut.
We took advantage of the texture of French linen, and pre-wash for a soft final product.
These pants can be worn for both formal and casual outings by adjusting the waist ribbon.